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Toastmasters District 29 has more than 2500 members.  As you might expect, it takes quite a few volunteers to ensure that the organization runs smoothly; that members and guests can partake of quality events such as our conferences, contests and training sessions; and that our many Toastmasters clubs provide a quality educational experience for our members.
Names, roles and aliases are provided for all of the volunteers who help run District 29. For email addresses, simply add "@d29tm.org" to the provided aliases to build a valid email address that will direct to our volunteers. This is a spam prevention technique; providing full email addresses would inundate everyone with tons of spam.

2014 - 2015 Contact Information

Role Name Alias

District Personnel

Governor Mahesh Patil DistrictGovernor
Lt. Governor Education & Training Lovely Lall LGET
Lt. Governor Marketing Lynn Wylde LGM
Public Relations Officer Pamela Auble PRO
Immediate Past District Governor Juliette Brown IPDG
Secretary Bryan Smalley Secretary
Treasurer Rachel Messenger Treasurer
Sergeant-at-Arms Karen Jacobs SAA
Parliamentarian Joe Jarzombek Parliamentarian
Chaplain Will Maples Chaplain
Nominations Officer Juliette Brown Nominations
Credentials Chair Gwen Talbot Credentials
Realignment Chair Sam Conner Realignment
TLI Dean, Summer Sue Worden TLIDean
TLI Dean, Winter Angela Davis TLIDean
Chief Judge Shu Bartholomew ChiefJudge
Conference Chair, Fall Dana Richard Conference
Conference Chair, Spring Cheryl Baker and Pam Wilson Conference
District Photographer Edmond Joe Photos
Youth Leadership Coordinator Cathy Hogendobler YLP
Sponsorship Chair Lovely Lall Sponsorship
Webmaster Jijoy George d29webmaster

Division Governors

Division A Governor Katherine Ransom DivA.Gov
Division B Governor Amy Brener DivB.Gov
Division C Governor Jim Wilson DivC.Gov
Division D Governor Herb Billingsley DivD.Gov
Division E Governor Holly Bell DivE.Gov
Division F Governor Rae Roach DivF.Gov

Area Governors

Area 11 Governor Ae-kyong Morrell AG11
Area 12 Governor Deborah Reeves AG12
Area 13 Governor Jagdish Singla AG13
Area 14 Governor Edward Rodriguez AG14
Area 15 Governor Dana Richard AG15
Area 16 Governor Waverly Brown AG16
Area 21 Governor Lori Roth AG21
Area 22 Governor Erin Coady AG22
Area 23 Governor Jerry Strauss AG23
Area 24 Governor Barbara Frazier AG24
Area 25 Governor Kiran Sharma AG25
Area 31 Governor Paul White AG31
Area 32 Governor Valorie Brown AG32
Area 33 Governor Dwight Yamada AG33
Area 34 Governor Thomas Richardson AG34
Area 35 Governor Margaret Farchtchi AG35
Area 36 Governor Abishek Mishra AG36
Area 41 Governor Tara Hoke AG41
Area 42 Governor Lori Shepherd AG42
Area 43 Governor Amy Pickerill AG43
Area 44 Governor Melissa Sokban AG44
Area 51 Governor Rajeev Gadre AG51
Area 52 Governor Akhila Sachidanandan AG52
Area 53 Governor Joyce Hardcastle AG53
Area 54 Governor Dina Williams AG54
Area 55 Governor Anthony Dipalma AG55
Area 61 Governor Elke Tucker AG61
Area 62 Governor Amir Zeb AG62
Area 63 Governor Sheila Manear AG63
Area 64 Governor Lucy Stephany AG64